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Welco is a collaborative parcel collection solution for neighbours.

Become a private relay
Earn up to 250€ per month

Join over 40,000 individual relays

The world of welco e-retailer carrier consumer and available neighbour.

Why join the community of private relay points?

Earn more than money by receiving parcels for your neighbours
solidarity and mutual aid between neighbours


Developmutual aid between neighbours by receiving parcels. An opportunity to meet your neighbours!

good deal application to earn money

Good plan

Do you need to supplement your income to make ends meet? You've come to the right place! Earn up to 250€ per month.

reduce your carbon footprint in your daily life


Each parcel collected saves up to 1kg of CO2! So by becoming a relay neighbour, you are doing something for the planet!

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More than 30,000 individual relays have already joined the adventure!

Definition Welcoeur: a kind person who receives parcels from absent neighbours. Also known as a neighbour relay or a private relay, the Welcoeur is a bit of a neighbourhood hero!

become a private relay point
Pick up your UPS parcel at an available neighbour UPS with Welco

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